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Disinformation Lexicon

Disinformation Lexicon examines the discursive twist in which deconstructive critique has been hijacked by disinformation campaigns.  In the twentieth century, analysing the production of truth was a critical task, but that has been given away to fabrication of truth. As if applying a financial instrument of speculating and producing a value in the financial market, misinformation, especially in the form of image, is fabricated, made to become reality. The film unentangles the relationship between truth and image in the age of post-truth and deep fake. 

Disinformation Lexicon takes a form of an essay film following the classic works such as Chris Marker’s Le Jétee (1962) and Duncan Campbell’s It for Others. On the other, it has been inspired by the feminist performance art films of Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of Kitchen (1975) and Suzanne Lacy’s Anatomy Lesson (1977).

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