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Antigone CaCO3

with Lee Mackinnon and Simon Clark


Antigone, Sophocles’ tragedy was recently translated by Anne Carson and played by Juliette Binoche.  Inspired by Carson's translation the artists Lee Machinnon, Simon Clark and Atsuhide Ito cut up the Sophocles' play and Ito threw the cut up fragments, like snow flakes, from the first floor of the public library in Winchester, England, to the ground floor hall. Visitors including parents, ground parents and children catching the fragments in the air, and picking up the pieces of paper and read fragments out loud along with Mackinnon and Clark. Towards the end Mackinnon collected the discarded texts from the floor and brought to the machine that generated dust storm in the container. The participatory performance was part of 10 Days Winchester in 2015.

Thursday 15 October  in The Materiality of Chalk The curator August Davis discussed chalk and dust with artists

Dust Machine 2 (O).jpg

As a visitor approaches the vitrine, the motion sensor activates the fan. The blades of the fan inside the vitrine begins to turn and generates a dust storm. 

The Dust Machine No.2, Shown at 10 Days Winchester, England. Chalk Dust, Wood, Felt, Perspex, Modified Electrical Fan. Motion Sensor

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